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Climate Control

Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand. – Chinese Proverb

Climate Control offers experiential programming geared towards changing the social climate in your school or workplace. Change takes place by engaging the population in small group activities and discussions covering topics such as empathy, positive communication, team building, and goal setting. Pre and post surveys are conducted in lieu of the event to measure progress as well as assist the host facility in better understanding their needs to ensure the pattern of positive change continues beyond the climate event.

Climate Control Events can take on many shapes and forms. Any group size can be accommodated for and the event can take place in nearly any indoor or outdoor space. 

For smaller groups, an extended multi-day outdoor experiential component can be utilized. Groups are taken out of their normal working environment to create a sense of disequilibrium, an essential piece of the Adventure Education process. Through activities such as camping, backpacking, rock climbing, and paddling, groups are brought together through adversity. The most basic daily routines we all take for granted expand into full team building experiences when the morning commute is a five mile journey across a harrowing alpine ridge or a quick dinner out involves a camping stove, a headlight, and pounding rain.

All outdoor equipment beyond basic personal gear is provided by Climate Control.