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Camper & Parent Handbook

Expectation of Campers:


  • I must treat staff, peers and other’s property with respect.
  • No fighting, physically aggressive behavior, or pretend fighting.
  • I must keep my hands to myself.
  • No arguing with staff at any time.
  • I must stay with the group, or make sure that a staff member knows my whereabouts.
  • No throwing rocks, sand, or other objects.
  • No candy, chewing gum, or soda.
  • I am required to participate in the activities that I signed up for.
  • I must attend meetings when called; for attendance purpose as well as to find out about the next activity!
  • During snack time, I am required to check in with my group leader before being dismissed to free time. This is so all trash is properly disposed of and all children have been accounted for.
  • I must stay on the property at all times, unless permitted to leave by a staff member or have permission from a parent.

Expectations of Parents:

  • Be sure that your child comes to the program with necessary items everyday (backpack, towel, bathing suit, complete change of clothing, lunch, am & pm snack, water or juice (no soda), sunscreen, sneakers, socks, sweatshirt or jacket).
  • Be sure children are dropped off between 8:30 – 8:45am and picked up between 3:15 – 3:30pm.
  • Be sure to sign your child in at the beginning of each day and out at the end of each day
  • Parents will inform us with a written note when someone else will be picking up their child.  If we do not have a written note, we will not release your child to this person. We may request identification for non-parents that we do not recognize.
  • Parents do not need to call the camp phone if their child is not attending the program on a certain day. We do attendance each morning at 9:00am and will only account for the children present. We will be leaving for field trips at 10:00am (unless otherwise specified).
  • If your child has a fever of 101.5 or higher, is vomiting, has diarrhea, a sore throat, chicken pox or other lesions, conjunctivitis, a cold dragging them down or a bad stomach ache, please keep them home for the day.

/Sign Out Procedure:

  • Campers will be dropped off each morning between 8:30 – 8:45am at the main entrance of the playground (in case of rainy days, students will be dropped off at the old entrance of the school). Parents need to sign in your child each morning. Once your child has been signed in, they may continue to the playground (or gym if raining). Attendance will be taken at 9:00am.
  • Students will be picked up each afternoon between 3:15 – 3:30pm at the same location as drop off. Again, parents need to sign out your child with a staff member before taking them home. Remember, if your child is getting picked up by someone different, please send a note with your child so staff is aware.

Payment of Fees:

  • Campers may choose to drop in on certain days of Summer Camp. The drop in fee is $10.00 per day.  Payment is due at the beginning of the day that your child is dropping in.
  • Field trip expenses are due at the beginning of each week on Monday. Please pay field trip expenses in cash or checks—please make checks payable to Adapt Inc.
  • All required forms must be completed prior to the start of the Summer Program.

What Your Child Should NOT Bring to the Summer Program:

  • Knives or anything that could be constructed as a weapon, candy, gum, glass bottles, or soda. 
  • Personal toys can be brought to camp, but can only allowed to be played with during free times. 
  • Electronics are permitted on field trips only during bus rides. Adapt Inc. is not responsible for lost and/or stolen items.  
  • Cell phones are permitted, but are to be left off in backpacks, unless given permission to use by staff. 
  • Campers can bring personal money on field trips if they choose. Adapt Inc. is not responsible for lost and/or stolen money.
  • Any objects that you are unsure of, please ask staff.

Our Discipline Policy:

  • The first written warning will be given after a number of verbal warnings have been given or for a serious offense. The first written warning will require a child to stay out of the program the following day.
  • The second written warning will require a child to stay out of the program for a week. This would be given to a child that has received a first written warning and is continuing to act out.  
  • If a third written warning is given, the child will be removed from the program for the remainder of camp.
  • Automatic suspensions will be at the discretion of the Program Director.
  • ALL INCIDENT REPORT FORMS NEED TO BE SIGNED BY THE PARENT AT THE END OF THE DAY. A copy of the report will be given to the parent and the original report will be kept on file.  If someone other than a parent picks up a child, they will be asked to inform the parent of the incident. By authorizing someone else to pick up your child, you also trust them to relay this and any other important information, and to sign on your behalf.